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How To Identify A Valve
Coil Label

If you're looking for a replacement valve for one you already have please check the valve coil for a silver label.


The number circled in red is the valve series which can often include up to 200 different specifications.


Please look for a five digit number circled in yellow in the bottom left corner. This is the specific part number of the valve and tells us the exact specification you require.

News: WRAS approval for 51.005 series

The 51.005.125 series of compact axial valves is now WRAS approved. It is available in both latching bistable and mono stable specifications.

Click here for the product datasheet.

Click here for the WRAS certificate.

New 9mm medium separated lever valve

The 47.000 series of lever valves has been expanded by a new larger specification with a 9mm internal orifice. It is medium separated, direct acting and has an operating pressure of 0 - 0.6 bar.

Click here for the product datasheet.