Complete solutions for contactless taps

Contactless operation of taps in the washroom, bathroom or kitchen is very intuitive and offers a major hygiene advantage over classic fittings. A movement in the sensor area triggers the water flow. It couldn't be easier.


The touch-free operation of taps has long since found its way into public spaces. Especially now, when contact points need to be reduced, motion-controlled taps have once again become the focus of every building planner. As a developer and producer, A. u. K. Muller offers holistic solutions from the power supply via battery or power supply unit, cable connections, the programmable IR sensor to the miniaturised valve, which enable a functional tap design.


Hygiene advantage of sensor-controlled taps

Whether at the workplace, airport, cinema or restaurant: sensor-controlled taps have long since found their way into public spaces. The advantages are obvious. But they also offer convincing advantages in private households. More hygiene due to reduced surface contacts, less cleaning effort due to compact designs, environmentally friendly consumption and the easy, as well as safe, operation ensure maximum comfort in everyday life. Another often underestimated hygiene advantage is offered by the intelligent valve control with an optional rinsing function, which ensures a continuous, periodic exchange of water when not in use for a longer period of time, thus reducing stagnant water and the risk of bacterial growth.

Electrical connection of sensor-controlled taps

You can choose between two electrical connection options according to your needs. The most flexible is the power supply via a battery. It makes it possible to install taps at any location and can be easily retrofitted. Due to the low power requirement of the bistable A. u. K. Muller solenoid valves, the battery lasts for approximately three to five years, depending on the frequency of use and the type of battery used.[1] 

In the case of complete renovations and new buildings, the voltage can be provided by an external power supply unit (plug or in-wall).


From the electronics to the valve:
better to have A. u. K. Muller inside

At A. u. K. Muller, all components from the power supply, through the sensor, to the valve are precisely matched to each other. This enables particularly long, trouble-free and safe operation of the contactless taps. For example, a continuous check of the input voltage ensures a last closing impulse of the valve in the event of a power failure or weak battery.


Function follows form

The fascination of valve technology begins with your product design requirements. As a developer and producer, we at A. u. K. Muller can incorporate your specifications into the development process to create holistic solutions together. With the highest quality standards. Made in Germany.

We look forward to receiving your   project enquiry..


[1] We recommend the use of Li-Me batteries because they are longer lasting than Alkaline.

The essentials in brief

  • A. u. K. Müller offers a complete solution for the touch-free operation of taps and applications in the sanitary and kitchen sectors
  • Increased protection against infection by avoiding contact points
  • Complete assemblies consisting of valve, sensor control and power supply
  • Compact components allow maximum freedom in the design of the tap
  • Optional battery operation also allows upgrading without installing electrical cables
  • Forced flush function for regular water exchange (to avoid stagnation)

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