Drain valves with food approval

A. u. K. Müller manufacture drain valves with nominal diameters DN 40 and DN 50, which in a food-safe variant meet the requirements of the European directive EC 1935 for contact with food.


Hygienic handling of food is an important and sensitive issue. Foreign materials and contaminants must be kept away from the consumer as far as possible during production and further processing. For this reason, strict requirements are placed on equipment and materials that come into contact with food with regard to their chemical and physical properties. In particular, it must be ensured that no substances hazardous to health are released into the food.


EC 1935

The list of possible risks for the end customer is long. On the one hand, mechanical damage can cause small machine parts to enter the food chain; on the other hand, there is a multitude of chemical substances that no one wants to find in their food. Within the European Union, directive EC 1935 regulates the framework conditions that materials must fulfil in order to be allowed to come into direct or indirect contact with food.

A. u. K. Müller GmbH & Co. KG has been producing valves for the food processing industry for more than 70 years. Our valves are used where drinking water or liquid foodstuffs have to be transported, controlled or dosed. Examples of applications are the vending sector, the preparation of hot drinks, as well as the emptying of milk cooling tanks in the agricultural industry. Recently, A. u. K. Müller expanded its drain valves to include a food-safe variant that meets the strict criteria of EC 1935.

In addition to the proven variants made of PPE, PVDF and stainless steel, a further PPE variant with EC 1935 approval is now available for the drain valve. The valve is particularly suitable for systems designed for processing foodstuffs, where the valves are primarily used for draining and cleaning the systems.

Hygiene advantages of A. u. K. Müller drain valves

Due to its smooth finish and lack of internal dirt traps, the drain valves are resistant to foreign body and dirt deposits. In addition, the valve housing can optionally be fitted with a flushing nozzle to allow the hydraulic part of the valve to be actively cleaned.

The drain valves are available both as solenoid valves and in a pneumatic version. The valve can be operated up to a pressure of 180 mbar (electric) / 200 mbar (pneumatic) and allows a maximum volume flow of up to 190 l/min, depending on the version.

The actuator and hydraulics are separated from each other by a rolling diaphragm made of EPDM in compliance with EC 1935. Alternatively, variants with a rolling diaphragm made of FKM or silicone can be selected. In addition to the hygienic effect, this also ensures corrosion protection of the metal components. For the electromagnet variant, the encapsulated coils are available in voltages from 12 to 400 V and with an IP protection class of IP65 or IP68. An optionally available manual override allows the container to be emptied by hand even in the event of a possible power failure.


Do you have any questions? Do you need a suitable drain valve for a specific application? Simply call us at +44 1903 788 888 or use our contact form. We look forward to your enquiry! Please understand that as a developer and producer we can only offer series production. Please direct enquiries about spare parts and replacement drain valves to the manufacturer of your unit.


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