FitSys 18 - easy-to-assemble push fit system for vending, pharmaceuticals & medical technology

The FitSys 18 quick coupling fitting system

FitSys 18 is the easy-to-assemble push-fit tube fitting system from A. u. K. Müller for beverage, coffee and espresso machines, the pharmaceutical industry, medical devices, diagnostics and environmental technology.

It is suitable for a wide range of gaseous and liquid media and can also be used for food, hot water, steam and many aggressive chemicals.


  • easy-to-install push fit system for variable media routing
  • high temperature resistance
  • easily installed even in confined spaces
  • safely detachable without tools
  • reduced assembly times
  • compatible with 18.00x series valves

Assembly friendly quick coupling fitting system

The Fitsys 18 has been specially developed to allow assembly and maintenance to be carried out with as little effort as possible, even in confined spaces. All push fit connections can be easily and safely released without tools. Thus reducing assembly times.

The hose guide prevents accidental misalignment of the tube during assembly and maintenance. This almost eliminates the possibility of damage to the tube. A noticeable stop can be felt when inserting the tube, giving the feedback of a secure connection between hose and fitting.

The Fitsys 18 system

The FitSys 18 push fit system has a modular design and is particularly suitable for use with the

A. u. K. Müller 18.00x series valves. In addition to numerous fittings and manifolds, it also offers extensive functional elements such as pressure relief valves and backflow preventers.


The flexible quick coupling system is modular and allows different connection types (screw thread, hose clamp, grommet, push fit system) to be combined with straight, elbow, tee or Y fittings.


The functional elements of the FitSys 18 system are an excellent complement to the Standard push fit fittings. Control and pressure relief valves help to operate the overall system within secured parameters.


The new FitSys 18 backflow preventer completes the quick coupling system and prevents the unwanted backflow of media, thus protecting the drinking water network from unwanted contamination of the water network according to DIN1717. In addition, the backflow preventer in combination with a pressure relief valve keeps the system pressures within optimal operating parameters.


Matching espresso valves

The FitSys 18 function elements are compatible with all valves in the 18.xx series.

Areas of application for the FitSys 18

The high temperature resistance (saturated steam 143°C at 3 bar), the maximum pressure of up to 16 bar and the media resistance (neutral gases, cold and heated drinking water as well as physically and chemically similar media) of the FitSys 18 system set almost no limits to the range of applications. For example, the FitSys 18 is ideally suited as a distribution system in beverage dispensers and professional coffee and espresso machines that operate at correspondingly high pressure.

Other areas of application include the pharmaceutical industry, laboratory and analytical instruments or medical equipment. The FitSys 18 system is also ideal for various industrial applications or in environmental technology.

Approvals and certifications

Due to the high-performance plastics used, the FitSys 18 is certified according to KTW guidelines. Furthermore, UL and NSF/ANSI 169 approved variants are possible.



Do you have special requirements for the fitting system for your application? Talk to us. As a developer and manufacturer, we are happy to comply with your specifications.


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