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Mechanical float valves can be found wherever storage tanks need to be reliably filled. Float valves perform this task completely autonomously and with repeat accuracy. The wide range of products from A. u. K. Müller guarantees the right solution for your application.


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Areas of application

Float valves from A. u. K. Muller can be found wherever drinking water must be protected against backsiphonage in accordance with DIN EN 1717. With our float valves, system separators according to types AA and AB can be realised. So they are absolutely indispensable for the most critical applications.

The best-known field of application for float valves is the omnipresent WC cisterns. Float valves ensure that the cistern is refilled after use.

But our valves are also used in rainwater harvesting systems or car wash systems.


Typical applications of A. u. K. Müller float valves

Tank filling
Rainwater harvesting systems
Irrigation systems
Water treatment plants


A. u. K. Müller float valves can be found, for example, wherever drinking water must be protected against backsiphonage in accordance with DIN EN 1717. Our float valves can be used to realise separating sections of types AA and AB. They are thus indispensable for the most critical applications.


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How float valves work

Our float valves are not controlled electronically, like solenoid valves, but solely by the buoyancy force. In practice, the valve opens as soon as the water level falls below a certain level and stops the inflow as soon as this level is reached again.

The fill level is checked by a floating body. This is connected to the valve by means of a lever and directly causes the valve to open and close. The height of the water surface determines the position of the float. If the float is in the upper position, the valve is closed; if the level drops, the valve opens and water from the mains can fill the container again.


Technical details

Float valves from A. u. K. Müller are servo-controlled. This means that the full water flow is opened by a pilot valve. This means that smaller float bodies can be used, as less force is needed to open the supply line. In addition, this design avoids pressure surges in the system. In addition to the supply of drinking water, comparable media can also be controlled with these valves.

Wide range of valve designs

A special feature is the float valve of the 21.010.226 series, where a servo solenoid valve is connected upstream of the float valve. This makes it possible to interrupt the water supply even when the tank is empty. This is used, for example, for cleaning the tanks, as this can usually only be done when the tank is empty. Furthermore, redundant level control can be realised by this valve in combination with a level sensor.

Float valves from A. u. K. Müller


Float valves have many advantages. They are absolutely maintenance-free and work reliably because they function mechanically - no power supply, no software update necessary. Moreover, a power failure does not affect the function. Float valves are particularly inexpensive - not only in terms of purchase, but also in terms of maintenance and the associated follow-up costs. All A. u. K. Müller float valves are pressure flow optimised according to EN 60730. The linear float valve is designed for installation in small tanks.

Advantages of float valves at a glance

  • Reliable and maintenance-free
  • Cost-effective in acquisition and follow-up costs
  • Pressure surge resistant according to EN 60730

What are your requirements?

The requirements for float valves are as varied as their areas of application. Therefore, the illustrated series are only examples.  As a developer and producer, we at A. u. K. Müller can incorporate your requirements so that we can create a suitable solution for your application together. Simply call us under  +44 1903 788 888, send us your enquiry by e-mail to valves@akmuller.co.uk or use our contact form without any obligation.


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