On/Off - Manually operated shut-off valves by A. u. K. Müller

On. Off. A. u. K. Müller manually operated On/Off valves can be handled at the press of a button. Open and close at the touch of a button - just like a biro. It couldn't be easier.

Simple and intuitive control at the touch of a button. A. u. K. Müller offers tap manufacturers a multitude of possibilities for barrier-free operation and the greatest possible design flexibility. With the manually operated, servo-controlled shut-off valves, the water supply can be switched on or off again at the touch of a button.

Manually operated On/Off shut-off valves

The manually operated valves are particularly suitable for drinking water applications, e.g. shower, bath filling or in the kitchen. They are also suitable for use in industrial applications and cleaning systems. The valves are available in nominal sizes DN 5, DN 7 and DN 9. This allows a flow rate of up to 35 l/min at 3 bar. Depending on requirements, other nominal widths can also be realised.

The most important details in brief:

  • Servo-controlled manually operated shut-off valves, bistable
  • Easy to use
  • Optionally in cartridge design or with valve housing
  • Suitable for cold and heated drinking water as well as physically and chemically similar media
  • DN 5 - DN 9, depending on the valve and the required flow rate

On/Off valves make operation child's play

The manually operated valves work using the servo principle. This makes actuation child's play, as it has a resistance familiar from the biro pen, which is perceived as having a pleasant feel and avoids accidental opening. Compared to single-lever mixers, this valve has the advantage that the media temperature is not adjusted when opening and closing. This is a plus in terms of safe operation.

Depending on the variant, the servo-controlled valves switch from as little as 0.3 bar (62.005.826). Like their electronic counterparts, the manually operated valves are pressure surge optimised in accordance with EN 60730. The selection of the highest-quality materials enables a wide range of certifications, ensures a long service life and eliminates lead contamination of the drinking water from the valve.

Manually operated valves also available with valve body

The manually operated On/Off valves are not only available in the cartridge design for installation in a tap. In combination with the valve housing of the 62.xx series, you only need a pipe for connection. This creates completely new possibilities for accessibility, in that the actuation can be separated from the water spout, e.g. when filling the bath. This means that the spout can be positioned out of the wall, but the actuator can be placed at the front edge. This saves having to lean over the bathtub. Such a barrier-free operating logic is also advantageous for a kitchen fitting, as well as for industrial applications.

Do you have questions about manually operated shut-off valves?

Do you need assistance in selecting the right valve for your fitting or application? Feel free to contact us without any obligation. Our technical sales team looks forward to helping you personally.

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